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LikeBlockr in Canadian Art

LikeBlockr-Canadian Art

“In tone, [Atlas Sighed]’s project statement and many of the artist’s art/essays/interviews, read like a manifesto countering a complacent, conservative democracy.”

Diana Sherlock writes a very eloquent retrospective of the Calgary Biennial for Canadian Art.

On LikeBlockr, Sherlock writes:

“Regardless of the potential for social media to connect people in new and challenging ways, it seems more likely that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et cetera create what Cottingham calls ideological echo chambers, or highly filtered communities that reflect our own ideological position back to us, thereby negating any possibility for contested, critical discourse. Dan Zimmerman is particularly concerned with the reinforcement of this phenomenon through the process of “liking” on social media platforms. “Liking,” while potentially a democratic process, also reduces everything to quantitative measures. Slacktivist practices, like “liking” or Facebook petitions, where we all preach to each other, should not be confused with agonism and productive protest with others whose opinions differ from our own. Zimmerman’s antidote to this conundrum is LikeBlockr, a free app for mobile phones that we should all try.”

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