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Date:July 18, 2013

In Solidarity: The Workers of the World (The ArvbSpring)

The ArvbSpring EP is the 2013 debut from Calgary based band/artist collaboration, The ArvbSpring (Roman Abdoullaev and Dan Zimmerman). The first song from The ArvbSpring EP, The Air is Loud, is featured in the installation In Solidarity: The Workers of the World.


In Solidarity: Workers of the World


The Air is Loud and In Solidarity: The Workers of the World, explore labour movements among the working class in four different cities across the world which have been directly or indirectly involved in what became labeled, by political pundits, as the Arab Spring, or the Arab Awakening.

These four cities (among many others) have all been, and continue to be the foreground for mass protests and general strikes relating to workers rights and living wages.

Madison, Wisconsin
Cairo, Egypt
New York, New York
Homs, Syria

Through a scripting code language software called MATLAB we have incorporated the audio signals from “The Air is Loud” into a map projection. As the song “plays” the running time increases, or the “seconds” accumulate. As the time increases (from five seconds to thirty seconds for example) that time is used in an algorithm which essentially pushes the world map’s latitude and longitude coordinates together, resulting in the continents moving closer together. When a standard world map is shown, and all topographical differences are taken into account, one finds the world is closer together than we often believe. In Solidarity: The Workers of the World attempts to reexamine our preconceived differences, by bringing our physical distances together through the manipulated map projection and by emphasizing lyrically and thematically through “The Air is Loud,” the commonalties between the people of the world, the universal act of struggle, and the determination to act on a better life.
Further, the Globe acts as a volume control for the audio in the installation, The globe is a symbolic “stand in” for participation in our increasingly globalized world. It is an instrument of free will for the viewer and for the citizen. One may turn the world’s volume “up” or they may turn it “down.” One might also ignore it altogether.

For further reading and context please see the lyrical insert inside of the The ArvbSpring EP.

In Solidarity: The Workers of the World premiered at The Art Gallery of Calgary, Thursday, July 18th in conjunction with Lewis Liski’s film Alternative Currency, and the Art Gallery of Calgary’s summer exhibition, Summer Spirit. On August 9th In Solidarity: The Workers of the World was shown at The Norman Felix Gallery in Toronto, ON as part of the show YYCtoYYZ.