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Date:January 21, 2015

LikeBlockr for Instagram


“Dan Zimmerman’s LikeBlockr is a free, downloadable app that hides the number of likes a photo has on Instagram. The app encourages people to enjoy the quality of photos as opposed to absently ‘liking’ them and moving to the next image.”

Liv Ingram, The Gauntlet

The highly anticipated anti-social networking app LikeBlockr is now available in the App Store. LikeBlockr is the world’s first social networking app allowing users to hide “likes” and “followers” from Instagram photos to genuinely engage with their friends. LikeBlockr questions the authority and value social media places on the currency of likes.

The beautifully designed app seamlessly integrates with Instagram, creating a familiar social media experience without the distraction of popularity. Through LikeBlockr, users are prompted to sign in to their Instagram account, where they can scroll through their feed without the visibility of followers and likes. LikeBlockr is a fresh take on existing social networking apps with its ultra simple user interface, accompanied by neat and familiar graphics.

“I created LikeBlockr to disrupt the “like” mentality of existing social networks,” says artist and LikeBlockr creator Dan Zimmerman. “Now it’s possible to use Instagram without those numbers that determine how popular you are, or how popular your photos are.”

It is important to note that the app does not alter, or delete any of the content stored on Instagram. One feature that makes LikeBlockr stand out is the minimalist and clean art style, which, combined with simple navigation and familiar layout, will win over its users instantly. The project will be launched as an official artwork of Atlas Sighed: The 2014 Calgary Biennial, a guerrilla exhibition of contemporary art comprising numerous infiltrations into public space and dispersed throughout Calgary and its suburbs through to March 31, 2015.

LikeBlockr is now available for free on the App Store. For more information, you may visit their company website at http://likeblockrapp.com, or follow them on Facebook (http://facebook.com/likeblockrapp) and Twitter (@likeblockrapp)


LikeBlockr-x-Calgary Biennial