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“The Great Pissing Contest [ starring *SHYBOY ]” by The ArvbSpring

Download the song at: http://thearvbspring.bandcamp.com/ ——————&

In Solidarity: The Workers of the World (The ArvbSpring)

The ArvbSpring EP is the 2013 debut from Calgary based band/artist collaboration, The ArvbSpring (Ro
Wreck City Sub:Division


WRECK CITY: An Epilogue for 809 was a community-based art experiment transforming 9 houses scheduled

Spiral Elegy for Freshkills Landfill in New York

Spiral Elegy: The waste of our cities. Our cities as fossils. Our fossils as links to the past and p

The Walls are Caving in and I Don’t Believe in them Anymore [2012]

The hologram of the doorknob references the immateriality of the thought process, creating illusions

Tracking… w/ Jason Dyck [2012]

Tracking… from Dan Zimmerman on Vimeo. Super 8 film, film reels, flashlight, pulleys, rope, wo

clusterfuck [2011]

[0] Kris Weinmann Clusterf#!k from TheRootCellarGallery on Vimeo. Hologram, slide photographs, magni

Slide Projector for NuuLife Cinema’s What Happened? Trailer and Feature Length [2011]

Projection Machine from Dan Zimmerman on Vimeo. Project name: Slide Projector for NuuLife Cinema’s W

You Took the Only Thing That Meant Anything to Me [2011]

Spin from Dan Zimmerman on Vimeo. Magnifying Glasses, flashlight, slide photograph, bicycle, plexigl